Renaissance Wedding Rings and Precious Stones

Poesy Wedding Rings - During the late Middle Ages, poesy rings became fashionable. These simple metal bands would be inscribed with a small love poem.

Claddagh Rings - This ring originated during the late Middle Ages in Claddagh, Galway in Ireland. This ring of two hands clasping a heart under crown or fleur-de-lys traditionally includes the poesy, "Let love and friendship reign."

Precious stones had great meaning during the Renaissance. Wearers of one or more of these stones let society know of personal characteristics, hopes and beliefs. Some of the medieval meanings of precious stones include:


Red Jasper: Love
Green Jasper: Faith
White Jasper: Gentleness
Sapphire: Heaven-bound
Chalcedony: Closeness to God
Christian hope
Sardonyx: Chastity or humility
Chrysolite: Heavenly life
Beryl: Purification
Chrysoprase: Virtue
Hyacinth: God's grace
Amethyst: Christ's martyrdom