Whatever your hair is, be it straight, curly, thin, textured, thick, colored by the best colorist in Atlanta, etc., it always pays to take good care of your crowning glory. Everybody wants to get out of the house with salon-like hair every time. But not everyone knows that healthy hair is more important than hair that’s been styled every single day. Here are some tips on how to take good care of your hair to keep it healthy.? 

Trim the hair regularly 

It’s the end part of the hair that always gets dried and split. If you don’t get it trimmed, the dryness and split ends will make their way up, causing more damage to the healthy parts. Trimming the hair will prevent this from happening. It will also encourage hair growth.? 

Let your hair recover? 

If you are styling or getting your hair styled every day for work, then you need to let it rest on the weekends. Stop the suffering your hair goes through and let it recover for at least a day or two. Go for air drying rather than blow-drying. Also, avoid putting your hair in a ponytail or using clips to prevent hair pulling and damage.? 

Don’t overwash? 

Some people think that after a week of styling, their hair collects a ton of product, oil, and dirt buildup. Although that is technically true, you don’t have to overwash your hair to free it from all of those. Abusing shampoo causes hair damage, especially if your hair is colored, chemically treated, or simply dry. Washing every day won’t compensate for it either. Overwashing removes the natural oils you have that keep the hair healthy.? 

Don’t forget your scalp. 

A lot of people are guilty of forgetting their scalp. Proteins and oils are housed in the scalp. Signs like an itchy scalp or the presence of sores should not be neglected. If drugstore shampoos or DIYs aren’t helping, consult your doctor. 

Use a heat protector 

A hair straightener, curling iron, and blow dryer are some of the styling tools available to style the hair in a specific way using heat. Use a heat protectant in the form of a serum, cream, etc., to protect hair from heat damage.? 

Use the correct tools. 

Styling the hair will make it beautiful. Styling it the correct way is even more so. You’ll need to use the correct tools in the right settings to achieve beautiful but healthy hair. Using the wrong ones will do the opposite. But what everyone with either curly or straight hair should own is a wide-tooth comb. This makes detangling easy, won’t pull the hair too much, and will prevent split-ends.? 

Get a hair treatment? 

Hair treatments can come in the form of deep conditioning you can do at home or hair treatments you can get at the salon. Either way, good hair treatment will help your hair recuperate from all the things it has been through. Contact the best hair salon near you to bring back lust to your hair.